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TikTok and Real Conflicts

ByMelvin Pinson

Mar 9, 2019

TikTok has become a kind of epicenter of creativity, where users post short videos that have viral popularity. However, behind this world of creativity lies potential conflicts that sometimes have a negative impact on users.

Competition for attention and conflicts

The competition for attention and popularity in the TikTok world generates conflicts between users. The race for likes, subscribers and viral videos often leads to tension and competition, which can spill over into open conflicts and disagreements between content creators.

Cyberbullying and negative comments

Also, TikTok is inevitably prone to the problem of cyberbullying and negative comments. The anonymity and accessibility to a large number of users can lead to insults, trolling and even cyberbullying, which has a serious impact on the emotional state of users.

Moderation and its limitations

Content moderation on TikTok has its limitations. Despite the efforts of the platform’s administration, it is almost impossible to control all videos and comments. This leaves room for unwanted or even malicious content to appear, which can become a source of conflict.

Privacy and personal boundaries

TikTok, like other social platforms, raises the issue of personal privacy. Public videos can attract attention that is not only desirable but also undesirable. Not being able to control who sees content can violate personal boundaries and create conflict.

Building a healthy environment

You should strive to build a healthy environment on a platform where creativity can flourish without negative consequences. Education about digital literacy, emotional support, and active conflict intervention can make TikTok a place where everyone feels safe and respected.

TikTok opens doors to new opportunities and creative expression, but it is important to remember that respecting healthy boundaries and respecting other users are key elements to creating a positive experience on this platform.